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Who We Are

Our Story

Wealth management and WRP Wealth trace their beginning to 1990 when Alan Werba helped pioneer a fee-based, client-focused tax and financial planning firm in San Jose. After an extensive career in public accounting, Aaron Rubin joined the firm in 2009, which then became known as Werba Rubin Wealth Management.

Separately, Jason Papier launched Fluent Wealth Partners in 2007 as a fee-only financial planning firm with an emphasis on sound, research-based investment practices. In July 2017, the firms merged to form Werba Rubin Papier Wealth Management, providing their clients with a three-dimensional approach to wealth management that includes tax planning and preparation, investment management, and financial planning.

During the past three decades we have witnessed numerous changes to the tax codes, significant stock market volatility, rapidly rising real estate values and many other forces that have impacted our clients.

During this period we have helped our clients lower their financial stress by analyzing their financial picture and then developing customized strategies based on their resources and goals. The primary goal of WRP Wealth Management is to bring a sense of peace and calm by bringing structure and efficiency into focus and trying to eliminate the emotionalism that frequently sabotages financial success. Our wealth management process first and foremost is designed to get our clients successfully through their lives, but also to find the best way to transition their assets to their children and grandchildren with the least disruption possible.

Our Team

Our Values


At Werba Rubin Papier, our strength is an innovative, straightforward approach to wealth preservation and growth. As a fee-only firm, our team adheres to the highest fiduciary standards which guarantee that we will work in your best interest every time.


Our experienced RIAs exclusively pursue investment strategies that are backed by extensive evidence-based academic research. This means that we seek to maximize your risk-adjusted returns to protect and grow your unique portfolio of assets.


As part and parcel of our commitment to you, we also have a strong dedication to local philanthropy. By volunteering time and resources into Bay Area nonprofit and charity organizations, we hope to give back in the interest of the long-term wellbeing of our shared community.

Our Services

WRP provides expert advice to guide executives and employees in pre-IPO companies through the complex landscape of stock options and the IPO process.